Hello… My name is Nikita

I teach people how to ‘JUST BE’ using yoga and mindfulness practices combined with nature and adventure. I am super excited to have you here and would love for you to embark on the journey of BECOMING WHO YOU REALLY ARE…

Just Be and Enjoy Being

Do you know what it feels like to feel fully alive?
To feel a sense of wholeness?
To be present in the moment?
To be authentically you?

The world we live in is fast-paced and forever changing and one thing we can be sure of is that life does not unfold in a straight line! Think of the constant technological advancements which subconsciously make us feel that we always need to be doing something, busyfying ourselves, playing catch up when we can or worrying about the things we cannot. Although it’s fantastic that we have evolved into these multi-tasking humans, has this perhaps come at a loss of our being?

If you are wondering what I mean… Keep reading!

We rarely give up our time for others (or even a moment for ourselves) to be fully present, as we are often caught up in the treadmill of the mind filled with anxieties, pressures or plans – constantly thinking about the past or the future.

When we do give ourselves a break, there is usually a feeling of guilt for wasting time BEING instead of DOING and this way of thinking and living leaves us powerless!
After all we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS!

So… what does it mean to Just be?

To JUST BE is to be mindful

To pay attention to the present moment as is without judgement recognizing that we are not our behaviour or thoughts. We are so much more than that.

To JUST BE  is to focus on your breath

By bringing your attention to your breath, you are essentially drawing your awareness into the present moment where you have space to JUST BE.

To JUST BE  is to be present 

Being right here right now with the understanding that yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t arrived. It’s about being aware of our surroundings

To JUST BE is to speak your truth 

The truth that comes from knowing who you are, standing up for your morals and values, and expressing yourself genuinely without fear of criticism or judgement.

To JUST BE is to be authentically yourself 

To cut out the noise from the external world and society and to do what truly makes you happy. Following your passion. Be unique.

To JUST BE  is to allow yourself to be playful 

To be childlike and light heated and take some things with a pinch of salt, not being too serious in life.