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yoga, nature, adventure, dancing, handstands, motorbikes, mountains, dirt, music, language, surprises, teaching, coffee, ocean, laughing, learning, breathing, chatting, surfing, wisdom, social gatherings, traveling, family, friends, life, being, YOU!

Did I mention Yoga?

My Story


From birth, I have always been a carefree, adventurous and a very courageous soul. The extraordinary excites me & I am fuelled by socialising and meeting new people. I have always been curious of the unknown and love pushing a boundary or two!

As I’m becoming more experienced in my young age (..ok… older!) these characteristics have become more evident & important to me and I’ve realised I can build my purpose around.

I have a huge passion for travel, adventure, and the good things in life. In every spare moment, I find myself searching the web for work in other countries, exotic holiday destinations and have always been fascinated by how other cultures around the world live.

A Passion For Dance & Performance!

Dancing, my first passion! I competed for many years at a national and international level and I love creating new dance routines, striving to deliver to the best of my ability. In 2010 I became a World Freestyle Dance Champion, the first South African female ever to have won this in the world home of dancing Blackpool, England (I know what you’re thinking… Blackpool isn’t the exotic place this girl is banging on about.. but it has a beach… and a tower… and the people are friendly… oh & the trophy is nice)

After winning the world championships and acquiring my degree in marketing, I realised that I could combine my passions and embark on a journey that fuelled my fire travelling the world whilst performing in front of 1000’s of people searching for my purpose along the way.

Experiences Of A Lifetime, learning along the way!

Having spent time in Mexico Dancing for a 5 star hotel off the coast of Riviera Maya where I performed for holiday makers in season, it really cemented my hunger to travel further and experience more. From there I traveled & performed in Ibiza, Spain performing at Nikki Beach and then went onto tour Europe from Russia to Sweden, Estonia to Italy and beyond performing on Europe’s biggest cruise liner.

I have seen lots of this beautiful world, met amazing people and created memories but it was in India where my mantra for life “Just Be” became vividly clear to me and where I found an opportunity to teach and re-share what I learnt.

My Indian adventure started out in Mumbai & Bollywood! Performing alongside Bollywood movie & music stars in hit films & award ceremonies whilst also part of the Punjabi Kings XI cheerleading squad.

I was fully absorbed into the glitz & the glamour & fast pace of the industry but I recognised a different side to India. I was intrigued by the Indian culture & heritage. I sensed a different feeling in the atmosphere, a different way of life, a calmer & tranquil approach to things and it was when I first met a local Baba in Mumbai I felt a desire to want to know more about his way of life and his practice of Yoga.

I met said Baba on a Tuesday and by Wednesday I had packed my belongings (which was a rucksack.. with nothing in it… that I originally traded for my suitcase.. but that is a different story for another time) and 250 Rupees (around $3) to embark on my journey to Rishikesh, the home of Yoga.

Courageous? Adventurous? Absolutely Crazy? Maybe! but I believe that you have one life and you must live it in a “Just Be” state. I left Mumbai, Rishiskesh was the new destination.

After 2 days of walking, catching local buses, trains through the towns & villages of India (and trading my shoes for a Banana to eat for the first time in 48 hours.. another story) I arrived at the foot of the Ganges River and the beautiful town of Rishikesh. I had found my spiritual home.

For 12 months I absorbed myself into the way of Yoga on the foothills of the Himalayas with local Baba’s where I practiced Yoga & Meditation daily, qualified for my Yoga Teacher accreditation and participated in selfless service around the local ashram’s.

Since then I have embarked on teaching my students the practice of Yoga & meditation whilst incorporating my “Just Be” principles of life.

Now back in South Africa living & traveling between Cape Town and the North Coast of KZN I provide Yoga sessions & content, build bespoke travel getaways incorporating nature & new experiences and provide products that support my students on their individual journey’s.

I hope you enjoy my website, my content, and my products. If you have questions or are looking for support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Live Life Free & “Just Be”